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Krabi's introduction

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Lively town, lovely people

A fertile land, Krabi was destined to be, over the course of time, a sea port, an international trade centre, a treasure trove for fortune seekers, a shelter from wind and waves for sea vessels, and finally, a place where cultures and civilization could exchange and blend.

Today, the physical geography of Krabi offers its many visitors from around the world a wide range of natural resources. Lush jungles – green year - round – capture the essence of a tropical rainforest. From the West coast to the province’s Eastern borders, crisp, gray formations of limestone attract the attention of adventure lovers with grottos, caves, and steep cliffs.

Offshore, the secluded beaches of many beautiful islands, surrounded by clear waters with brightly colored reef fish, appeal to the romantic explorer in each and everyone of us. The gentle sea breezes of the Andaman Sea – sometimes cool, at other times warm – can bring you a special kind if welcome to this spectacular destination.

Extracted from “Introduction” article in Sense of Krabi magazine

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Port Takola Marina Co.,Ltd.
08o- 02.77' North / 98o - 54.15' East

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  • 24 hours access
  • 2.5 meters depth minimum
  • Berths up to 35 meters
  • Shelter harbor
  • Fuel dock
  • Slipway & Haul out
  • Wastewater pump out


  • High security
  • Water & electricity
  • Repairs & maintenance
  • Chandlers
  • Shower & toilet
  • Golf buggies
  • Airport transfer

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