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Port Takola and Waterfront Community is a low-density development project completes with yacht marina, residence, hospitality, wellness and shopping village, located at Baan Laem Pho, Tambol Sai Thai, Amphor Muang, Krabi province.

The land is originally own by former Krabi, Phang Nga, Chumporn Mandala, and Suratani Mandala governor, Phraya Gangadharadhipati, who was also a privy councilor of King Rama VI. The retired governor was granted Krabi first and second title deed to two plots of land across town with approximated total area of 300 acres to be used as coconut plantation since 1943. When he passed away, his heirs continued to use the property for agricultural purposes. 

Nowadays, Krabi has grown into an international tourist destination. The estate has increased in value naturally because of its ideal location in town district, and surrounded by beautiful nature and lush forest. To the east is the sea that is part of Hat Noppharat Thara and Phi Phi Archipelago National Reserve, while to the west is the Jilad Canal, the lush national conserved mangrove forest. The north side of the property is adjacent to Jilad Canal and is opposite the Krabi provincial administrative office, H.T.M.S Lanta museum and a tourist pier. To the south is close to the entrance of the 75 million-year-old Gastropod fossil beach and is only 5 kilometers away to Ao Nang, the Krabi’s most famous destinations.

Phraya Gangadharadhipati’s residence

The heirs of Phraya Gangha Dharatibodhi plan to develop this estate into yet another tourist landmark of Krabi. After researching the property history, as well as its geography, it is concluded that a small community where visitors can relax and indulge in recreational activities and the stunning world-famous sea of Krabi is the most attractive development. It will complete with all the facilities to suit your every need, including a full-service marina, shopping village, restaurants, hotels and a small hospital. There will also be the Wellness and Medical Spa, as well as amid a tropical forest, waterfront, and ocean front residence.